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Maximal itemset with CharmMFI
Posted by: Mari
Date: September 27, 2013 02:14PM


please i want to modify the source of CharmMFI to extract maximal frquent itemsets;

can you please help me i would like to modify

algo2.getItemsets().printItemsets(context.size()) in order to store the itemsets in a list, array or a any other structure.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Maximal itemset with CharmMFI
Date: September 27, 2013 07:51PM


I will give you the code to make a loop on all the itemsets and show them.

The idea is to use algo2.getItemsets() to obtain all the maximal itemsets found.

The itemset found are stored in an instance of the class Itemsets that store itemsets by their size. For example, itemsets of level 1 are itemsets containing 1 item. Itemsets of level 2 are itemsets containing 2 items, ....

So to access the itemsets found and print them you can do like that:

		Itemsets itemsets = algo2.getItemsets();
		for(List<Itemset> level : itemsets.getLevels()) {
			 for(Itemset itemset : level) {
				 for(Integer item : itemset.itemset) {
					 System.out.print(item );
				 System.out.println( "  support " + itemset.getAbsoluteSupport());

Important: Make sure that you add the following import statement on the top of the test file:

import ca.pfv.spmf.patterns.itemset_set_integers_with_tids.*



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Re: Maximal itemset with CharmMFI
Posted by: mari
Date: October 01, 2013 01:31PM


it works very well now, many thanks i was using an old version of SPMF.

thanks once again


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