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Ph.D. Research Ideas
Posted by: i201606
Date: December 28, 2021 01:27AM

Hi Professor,
Could you please give me some ideas regarding my Ph.D. (CS)? Actually, I have already done literature on FIM, HUIM Clos-FHUIM, etc with different approaches but unfortunately could not find a remarkable gap (according to Ph.D. research). Please advise.

I have also submitted the paper to "Applied Intelligence" on the topic of "Closed-HUFIM: An Efficient Closed High Utility Frequent Itemsets Mining Algorithm Using Cutoff and Suffix Utility". I know it has a minor contribution but enough to publish the paper but not for research.

Thanks in advance.
Ph.D. (CS) Scholar

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Re: Ph.D. Research Ideas
Date: January 01, 2022 12:26AM

Good afternoon and happy new year.

1) It is good that you have submitted to Applied Intelligence. I am associate EiC in that journal but did not see your paper yet. Perhaps that I will see it later.

2) For research ideas, I understand. Sometimes it is not easy to find some new ideas. I can maybe give you one or two suggestions. But it is better to discuss this by e-mail otherwise, someone else may take the ideas ;-)

You may send me an e-mail to philfv8 AT yahoo DOT com and tell me what topics you have thought about and I may give you some ideas perhaps.

Best regards,

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Re: Ph.D. Research Ideas
Posted by: i201606
Date: January 01, 2022 11:58AM

Thanks for your reponse. Just sent you an email. My email id is

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