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SPMF 0.84 is released - 2012-07-14 - itemset-tree for making targeted queries about itemsets and association rules
Date: July 14, 2012 07:33PM

Hello everyone,

This is to let you know that I have updated my SPMF open-source data mining tool to version 0.84 by adding some new algorithms.

This concerns only the source-code version of SPMF because these new algorithms are not added yet to the GUI version.

I have added some algorithms to build an Itemset-Tree as proposed by Kubat et al. (2003) in their paper:

Miroslav Kubat, Aladdin Hafez, Vijay V. Raghavan, Jayakrishna R. Lekkala, Wei Kian Chen (2003) Itemset Trees for Targeted Association Querying. TKDE, pp. 1522-1534

An itemset tree is a special structure for performing queries to generate targeted itemsets and association rules.

Why using an itemset-tree? The reason is that it allows very fast query answering about itemsets an association rules. Moreover, it can be updated incrementally if new transactions are added.

I provide an implementation of the algorithm to build an itemset-tree by inserting the transactions from a transaction database.

I provide also an algorithm to update an itemset tree by inserting new transactions.

Moreover, you can query an itemset tree to get:
- the support of a target itemset
- all the itemsets that subsume a target itemset and their support
- generate all association rules with a target itemset as antecedent and such that each rule respect thresholds minsup and minconf

There is an example in the documentation that show in details what you can do with an itemset-tree:

I think that it is an interesting data structure. That is why i have implemented it.



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