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Command line version of RuleGrowth, TRuleGrowth and TopSeqRules
Date: September 04, 2012 04:27PM


This post is to share with you the source code and class files for a command line version of RuleGrowth, TRuleGrowth and TopSeqRules for mining sequential rules.

This version can be dowloaded here:

This version allows to run the algorithms from the command line. It is very simple to use.

Here is how you can run the three algorithms from the command line:

java MainTestTRuleGrowth contextPrefixSpan.txt output.txt 0.7 0.8 3

java MainTestRuleGrowth contextPrefixSpan.txt output.txt 0.7 0.8

java MainTestTopSeqRules contextPrefixSpan.txt output.txt 10 0.8

The parameters are the same as in the examples on the SPMF website.

This version of RuleGrowth, TRuleGrowth and TopSeqRules also has the particularity of taking sequences of strings as input instead of integers. For example, these are two sequences of strings:

H1 Hn amb bla bla bla
1n 2n 3n ttt abc def

For further information about these algorithms for sequential rule mining, these articles describes them

Fournier-Viger, P., Faghihi, U., Nkambou, R., Mephu Nguifo, E. (2012). CMRules: Mining Sequential Rules Common to Several Sequences. Knowledge-based Systems, Elsevier, 25(1): 63-76.

Fournier-Viger, P., Wu, C.-W., Tseng, V.S., Nkambou, R. (2012). Mining Sequential Rules Common to Several Sequences with the Window Size Constraint. Proceedings of the 25th Canadian Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (AI 2012), Springer, LNAI 7310, pp.299-304

Fournier-Viger, P. & Tseng, V. S. (2011). Mining Top-K Sequential Rules. Proceedings of the 7th Intern. Conf. on Advanced Data Mining and Applications (ADMA 2011). LNAI 7121, Springer, pp.180-194.



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