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What are the applications of data mining?
Date: August 30, 2012 05:10AM


What are the applications of data mining? This is an interesting question that I have received in my e-mails.

Here are a few links that gives an overview of data mining applications. I have found these links on the web, and I think that they are interesting even for those who are more familiar with data mining. It can provides some new ideas about how we could apply our data mining algorithms, for example.

This page give a very detailed overview of data mining applications:

Applications in healthcare (article from 2011):

Examples of data mining in e-commerce (article from 2001):

Some applications in bioinformatics:

Survey on intrusion detection with data mining techniques (2011):

Survey of data mining for fraud detection:

Survey about applications in spatial data mining (2011):

A survey of temporal data mining:

Survey on mining subjective data on the web:

Survey on multimedia data mining (2011):

Applications in educational data mining (article from 2009):

If you have some other links to webpage or article about applications of data mining, please post them below!


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